Best brain foods for school success


As a time-poor student, food is something you might not give a lot of thought to. You probably grab snacks from the vending machine to sustain you between classes, and wolf down whatever you can throw together before you head out to meet friends.

You may not realise this, but food can be a secret weapon to help you smash your study goals. Seriously! Here are some ingredients to make a beeline for.

Best brain power foods


Eating tips

  • Eating smaller meals or snacks four to five times a day may prevent sluggishness after meals, as this means the brain likely has more immediate glucose it needs for peak processing powers.
  • Carry a water bottle around with you to class and sip on it throughout the day. Being even mildly dehydrated may mean your brain doesn’t get enough oxygen and energy.
  • Eat breakfast. This might seem like a drag when you’ve slept in and you’ve got an 8am class, but without breakfast your brain, which is low in blood glucose after fasting overnight, will be running on less fuel.

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