Boosting mental wellbeing in your team


Promoting healthy emotional and mental wellbeing in your team can be a key part of demonstrating leadership every day.

One way you can help boost awareness of your team’s mental wellbeing is by encouraging everyone to make a commitment to play their part in creating and maintaining happiness in the workplace.

Ten keys to happier living

Action for Happiness, an organisation promoting positive social change, believes that each person’s happiness is influenced by the daily choices they make – physical, social, emotional and spiritual. And based on the latest research into what consistently makes our lives happier and more fulfilling, they have identified‘10 Keys to Happier Living’, summarised in a handy acronym ‘GREAT DREAM’.

Outside Inside
Giving › Do things for others Direction › Have goals to look forward to
Relating › Connect with people Resilience › Find ways to bounce back
Exercising › Take care of your body Emotion › Look for what’s good
Awareness › Live life mindfully Acceptance › Be comfortable with who you are
Trying out › Keep learning new things Meaning › Be part of something bigger
Note: The 10 Keys are used by permission of Action for Happiness.

The first five keys (GREAT) relate to a person’s daily interaction with the outside world, while the second five keys (DREAM) are more about their internal world and their attitude to life.

It starts with small changes

These 10 keys remind us that each of us have the power to increase our wellbeing – and help make others happier too.

So why not use this framework to start a conversation with your employees about how you can all work together to look after the wellbeing of your team? All it takes to start is to identify one practical change in the workplace that could help create more happiness in the world around you, and then commit as a team to make this small change happen. Perhaps write it up and put it on the wall where the team can see it every day, and make time to chat about your progress in team catch-ups.

The great news is, not only can this small change make a difference to your team, there can be flow on effects; whether that’s for your whole workplace, or in people’s personal lives outside of work, and even in the broader community.


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