Empowering workplaces to deliver their wellness strategy

The Wellness Wise™ Practitioner program is the first of its kind worldwide, and is proudly being delivered by Wellness Designs in partnership with the peak industry body the Workplace Health Association Australia.

It is designed to educate, empower and inspire individuals to develop a successful and sustainable health and wellness strategy in the workplace.

As we are ever-improving our knowledge, skills and resources in the area of workplace health to support our clients and influence the industry, the Bupa workplace health team are set to undergo the training and acquire accreditation.

“It’s great that there is finally an accreditation in the workplace health space, we’ve been on the lookout for a nationally recognised qualification, and now we are delighted to have the opportunity to become certified practitioners. This will set a new standard of practice within the industry,“ says Inga Vilkins – Bupa’s workplace health solutions manager.

Adhering to the national unit of competency for managing staff and wellness programs, the initial two-day intensive course delves deeply into the theory and practice of designing, implementing and evaluating a best-practice health and wellness strategy.

“This course will enable more people on our team to assist our clients in their wellbeing strategy no matter where they are on their journey. We are looking forward to upskilling and further being able to provide a quality service to our client partners. We also recommend the course to other client partners in relevant occupations who want to learn more about working through their wellness programs. It will assist clients to embed health and wellness into their organisational structure and to build a supportive culture.”

Katrina Walton, the Director of Wellness Designs says ‘whilst Australian organisations recognise that investing in employee health and wellness is essential for a thriving business, many struggle to get buy-in from senior leaders and employees, or don’t have the required knowledge or skills in-house to lead an effective strategy. Often this means precious time and money is invested, but without the desired outcome. The Wellness Wise™ Practitioner training program is designed to educate and empowers workplaces to deliver an employee wellness strategy that works. Plus, following completion of the initial 2-day course, participants benefit from a 12-month support package to help embed key learnings back in the workplace.

For further information regarding upcoming Wellness Wise™ Practitioner course dates and locations, or to register, visit: www.wellnesswiseacademy.com.au.

Speak to us about using your wellness pool to fund the accreditation.