2017 is the year of Dancercise

Getting fit doesn’t need to be all about treadmills and barbells. This year we’ve seen some fun and energetic new trends hit Australia that will help us get fit with a smile on our face.

Have you heard about the latest fun fitness crazes that all revolve around dance? From novice to expert, there’s a dance-based class to get your toes tapping.

Kicking off with the one that won’t require a gym membership – it’s time to Dancercise!

“Wake up, brush your teeth, go party.”

One of our favourite new ways to Dancercise is at a breakfast rave. Popping up all over the country, this is a fantastic way to get fit, dance up a storm and have fun, all before your work day starts. Wake up, brush your teeth, go party. Hosted in cities all over Australia, morning raves are all about dancing yourself fit. Complete with pumping dance tracks, and not an alcoholic beverage in sight, breakfast raves are a rave-olution – that can help encourage a healthy and fun lifestyle.

This is a great class to strap on a Garmin watch, because you probably won’t check it every minute. Instead, you may get a happy surprise when you see how many steps you’ve done and calories you burned at the end!

If dancing on an empty stomach isn’t your thing, dancing in silence might be. Meet silent discos, a great way to let loose and get fit at the same time. Silent discos can be a unique way of experiencing music. Simply pop on a set of wireless headphones and a silent environment instantly turns into a high energy musical performance. The best part is, you can choose your own music – so you and your friend may be dancing to completely different beats side by side. There are silent disco parties held all over Australia – take your pick and get dancing!

If you prefer to do your dancing in a gym setting, Bootybarre might be for you. It’s a fun and energetic workout that incorporates Pilates, yoga and dance. Held at health clubs like Fitness First, this dance class helps tone and define your body, relieve stress and is a whole lot of fun!

Want to avoid the hot and sweaty dance workout altogether? Get in the pool and dance! Far more than just swimming laps, aqua dance classes are a new way to get fit while having fun. From aqua dance aerobics to body jam pool classes, there’s sure to be a class to suit you.

Fitness doesn’t have to be all about a traditional gym workout, so add a dance class to your exercise regime to keep things fun and fresh.

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