Get more value from your health cover

Private health insurance gives you peace of mind that you’ll have access to health care when the unexpected occurs. But it isn’t just for emergencies – in fact, it can offer value in your everyday life.Here are seven ways that to make the most of your health cover:

1. Use your extras

It sounds like a no-brainer, but using your extras cover when you need to can be a simple way of getting greater value from your health insurance. Most extras cover allows you to claim money back on check-ups at the dentist, visits to the physio or contribute to the costs of prescription glasses. Some even cover natural therapies and health aids and appliances.

2. Unexpected benefits

Some health insurers provide benefits beyond hospital or extras cover, which can really add unexpected value. For example, we’ve teamed up with 13SICK National Home Doctor Service to provide our members complimentary access to After Hours Plus. This means when you book a bulk-billed home visit, the doctor can provide common medications on the spot, at no cost to you. Visit for details.

3. Mind the gap

A “gap” is a common private health insurance term which describes the amount you need to pay over and above what you get back from Medicare and your health insurer. A gap can occur when a doctor charges more than the Government’s Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) fee.

In order to reduce gap costs, some health insurers have arrangements that can eliminate or reduce medical costs while admitted to hospital. Our Medical Gap Scheme is designed for exactly that, and we’re continuing to make improvements to this scheme.

To find out if you will need to pay a gap, be sure to ask your doctor before you go to hospital.

4. Start networking

Some insurers have made arrangements with a network of healthcare providers to reduce how much you need to pay on certain services. By choosing to visit one of these network providers, members can benefit from the certainty of knowing how much money they will get back in most instances. A good example of this is Bupa’s Members First network of dentists, physios, chiros, podiatrists and optical providers across Australia. By using a provider in this network, members can receive between 60% and 100% of the cost back of most items up to yearly limits#.

5. Gap free for kids

Regular visits to the dentist or optometrist may not excite the kids. But what is exciting is cover that includes gap free for kids, which can save parents a lot of money. With our family packages, you’ll also have no gap to pay for most kids’ visits to a Members First dentist, physio, or podiatrist as well as for selected optical packages, up to yearly limits^.

Some policies even have no excess payment if your kids are admitted to hospital (such as our family packages).

6. Ask the experts

When you suspect a hospital visit may be in you or your family’s future, getting advice from your health insurer could save you time and money. They can walk you through what to expect and help you understand the costs involved.

7. Everyday value

Would you like to get more value from your membership, even when you’re well? Check out what else your health insurer can provide – you might be pleasantly surprised. We’ve recently introduced an exclusive range of discounts, health tools and other benefits as part of our Bupa Plus program to help you live a healthier, happier life. Find out more at


Get in touch if you would like to find out more about Bupa health insurance. Don’t forget to mention your company name if you have access to a Bupa corporate health plan.

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#At Members First Providers for most items covering dental, physio, chiro, selected optical and podiatry consultations. Excludes orthodontics and hospital treatments. Fund and policy rules, and waiting periods apply.

^For most items covering dental, physio, chiro, podiatry consultations and selected optical. Excludes orthodontics, orthotics and hospital treatment. Child dependants only. Fund and policy rules, and waiting periods apply. Set benefits apply at other recognised providers. Available on all family packages, Ultimate Health Cover, Silver, Gold and Platinum Extras when taken with hospital cover on a family membership.