How to get your team thinking about workplace risks

  • Education is key to helping mitigate the many risks associated with a workplace
  • Safe Work Australia is responsible for leading the development of policy to improve work health and safety and workers’ compensation arrangements across Australia
  • During National Safe Work Month, there are a number of free resources from Safe Work Australia you can use to provide education and build awareness in your workplace on safety at work practices.
  • Bupa offers a range of services that can help you address potential work hazards and help protect your people

Unstable chairs, unsafe equipment, poor work practices, even Christmas party gossip. There are so many potential hazards to be wary of in a workplace.

That’s why, in light of National Safe Work Month this October, we’re giving you some of our best tips and tricks to help you and your employees stay out of harm’s way at work.

Get your team thinking about risk

It’s all well and good that you know about work safety. But what about the rest of the people in your workplace? The first thing you can do is make them aware that it’s National Safe Work Month. You can also get them thinking about some of the more common risks in the immediate work environment. Download our resources here:

Work-related risks for outdoor workers or manual labourers

Protecting your back for those at a desk

Moving more for those in sedentary work

Put together a plan to help promote a safe working environment

We offer a range of services to help identify and/or address the risks that could affect your people. For example:

All sound good? Organise a Bupa health lounge and experience a number of services in one go.

Become a social butterfly

You heard us. Make the most of National Safe Work Month and go to as many free events organised by your local state or territory work health and safety regulator as possible! Through these events,  the regulators, as well as industry and employer groups, support raising awareness of health and safety in October. They can be a great place to network and meet people with innovative safety ideas.

Get out the popcorn

The Safe Work Australia website has a ton of helpful National Safe Work Month videos for you to watch. They’re an opportunity to hear from the 2016 National Safe Work Month Ambassadors, who are prominent people committed to improving work health and safety. These videos are a great watch, so get cosy and start viewing.

Join the conversation

It didn’t happen if it’s not on social media. Use the hashtag #safeworkmonth to join the Safe Work discussion, share your stories and see if there are opportunities to learn from other workplaces’ experiences – first hand.

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