Is your team talking about mental health?

Growing scientific evidence links workplace psychosocial stressors such as job strain, job insecurity and low social support at work with poor mental and physical health.

In fact, symptoms of work-related stress may include a drop in work performance, fatigue, headaches, an increase in sick days or absenteeism and contribute to anxiety and depression.

As an employer, improving your understanding of mental health issues and how they are affected by the workplace can be hugely beneficial for you, as well as for your teams, not to mention those who may be living with work-related stress and depression.

We interview Mark Dean, the founder of En Masse to find out more.

The views expressed here are Mark Dean’s own.

Inga Vilkins

Inga Vilkins specialises in ensuring that Bupa is at the forefront of workplace health trends to support employers with the most innovative, relevant and evidence based solutions for their workplaces. She’s worked with hundreds of clients, across a range of industries in the past 6 years. Health, wellness and fitness are more than just an industry to Inga; they are the foundations of her lifestyle.



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