Lack of sleep costs $3billion a year

  • Lack of sleep is said to cost Australian businesses $3 billion a year
  • A good night’s sleep can take discipline and may even take medical help
  • See our people guide for stopping the excuses for going to bed and sleep disorders.

Information tailored exclusively for the over-tired.

Tired? Yup. Us too. So much to do. So little time.

Don’t worry. This will be the equivalent of a power nap.

No sleep is bad. Very bad. It costs Australian businesses $3 billion a year.

Worse still, fatigue can lead to serious workplace injuries and road accidents.

Research shows that up to a quarter of adult Australians have regular sleeping problems.

Tired people are generally less productive. They can forget things. Have slowed reaction time. They can forget things. Lose empathy. Communicate less effectively. They can also forget things.

Getting a good night’s sleep takes discipline, in some cases it also may take medical help.

If your organisation is becoming more ‘fatigue conscious’, we’ve set up some information you’ll really want your people to look at, if they can keep their eyes open.

It’s a real eye opener. And hopefully, a real eye shutter.

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