Make this October healthier minds month

Mental health issues affect 1 in 5 Australians
World Mental Health Day is on October 10 each year. And this year, we want you to be a part of something special with us.

One in five of us experience a mental health issue at some point in our lives and the rest may struggle from time to time. This means we all know someone in our family, circle of friends or workplace who needs support.

We believe that encouraging the right behaviour and practices in the workplace can build an environment where everyone can perform at their best. This October, we want to help support healthier minds in your workplace.

In the month of October, Bupa will be providing four free educational emails to our clients and subscribers. These are designed to raise awareness of mental health and provide practical strategies amongst your employees which can easily be circulated via email or linked to from your intranet.

The topics covered are:

Week 1: Mental Health in the workplace – understand the basics
Week 2: Healthy and unhealthy stress – support for you and the team
Week 3: Depression, it’s not just being sad – support for you and the team
Week 4: When is anxiety a problem – support for you and the team

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