Building healthier places: ergonomic desk assessments


Ergonomics is about optimising work spaces and practices to increase employee comfort and reduce the risk of injury.

A poor workstation or desk setup can place unnecessary pressure and stress on muscles and joints, which may result in workplace injury. Similarly, occupational sitting has been shown to place individuals at an increased risk of weight gain, the development of type 2 diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders and eye strain (if using a computer or screen).

What to expect:

A physiotherapist or exercise physiologist will visit your workplace and conduct individual consultations with people at their workstations. The consultation will include a review of their workstation set up and on the spot adjustments. It will also provide education on healthy posture and movement patterns and advice on how to prevent musculoskeletal related issues in the workplace. The advice is all tailored to the workplace environment and the individual’s abilities and limitations.

Try bundling with:

Our Workstation Health Packs for ongoing reminders after the consultation has taken place or roaming stretching sessions. Bupa’s 5 – 10 minutes roaming stretch sessions are a great option for organisations that are looking to minimise sedentary work routines.

Bupa will provide a facilitator to roam around different areas of the office offering short stretching sessions to small groups (from 2 – 20 depending on the size and design of the office) for those interested in participating. The facilitator will also provide stretching instruction sheets and answer any questions should they arise.


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