Supporting healthier minds: Mental health and wellbeing seminars


As we develop a deeper understanding of the physical and psychological effects of work related stress, many businesses are seeking to provide more supportive environments for their employees.

Work related stress is a known contributor to the development of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, burn out and fatigue, as well as contributing to reduced levels of physical health such as cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome.

Safe Work Australia data indicates that workers’ compensation claims for mental stress are the most expensive due to the duration of absences from work.

Workplace benefit:

These sessions are designed to encourage empathy, open lines of communication and facilitation of strong and positive social connections.

Through doing so, these sessions aim to help individuals develop personal strategies for maintaining or improving their mental wellbeing within the workplace in a supportive environment.

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What to expect:

Sessions can be tailored to your specific workplace or industry requirements*, and can be delivered for the whole organisation, specific employee groups or teams, or for management.

Sessions encourage active participation through interactive case studies and real-world situations.

All content is evidence-based, grounded in principles of positive psychology, clinically valid and legally compliant with current state and federal OH&S legislation.

Resources will be provided after every session to strengthen learnings.

Additional online modules and resources can be provided to reinforce and build on key areas.

* Some levels of customisation may incur additional charges

Suitable for:

Sessions are suitable for all employee levels, but may be tailored to suit specific groups.

Try bundling with:

Workplace massage, meditation, telephonic coaching and online modules to extend learning.

Speak to us on how we can best deliver a program of education for your employees.


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