All staff healthy cultures training

These interactive and informative 1 hour ‘Healthy workplace culture’ seminars cover a wide range of topics including healthy relationships, social connectedness, positive communication, healthy behaviours and time-management to help find a work-life balance. This program can help boost employee connections, value and productivity in your organisation. The sessions can be delivered over 6-8 weeks at lunchtimes and there are a wide range of sessions on offer including:

From surviving to thriving

This popular session explains some of the keys to successful stress management and how to help build resilience in both individuals and teams.

Handling change at work

Although we know that organisational change is largely inevitable, many of us may find it uncomfortable at times. In cases where organisations restructure, job functions are changed, or people at work move around, individuals can find themselves becoming resistant to changes and tired of readjusting. This seminar explores why change is often necessary in workplaces and looks at specific types of change that people can find particularly uncomfortable. It provides advice and coping strategies on how to manage change.

The keys to belonging

A session which explores social connectedness at work and why it’s so crucial to workplace culture. It covers what we think being a supportive team member actually means, tips for cultivating healthy workplace relationships and helping people who may be isolated or struggling with specific challenges.

The people who matter most

This seminar focuses on the impact our personal relationships (and how we manage them) can have on our mental and physical health. It covers relationships with family and friends, partners and children, as well as community connections.

Supportive teams and looking after one another

This session explores some of the ways we can assist our colleagues or team members who are struggling with common life issues such as depression, anxiety, family issues, grief, and stress-related problems. It looks at recognising some of the key signs that someone needs support, starting a discussion, confidentiality, drawing sensible boundaries and helping to ensure that our work relationships are sustainable. This session is equally suitable for managers and staff.

Achieving a healthy balance at work and home

This session challenges participants to reassess their priorities, examine how they spend their time, and look at their current boundaries around availability and technology use.

Messages that matter

Something different in the world of effective communication skills training that is appropriate for both staff and managers. This session includes opportunities to practise open and positive communication techniques using ‘realistic’ situations.

Giving and receiving feedback in healthy ways

This culture-building session explores ways of providing useful, respectful feedback to others, including how to ask people to change their behaviours or attitudes. It also looks at ways to accept constructive or critical feedback and apply it at work, and how you can engage in discussion if there is disagreement or clarification required.

The right mix for you: healthy lifestyle habits

‘The right mix’ provides some motivational facts many of us need to hear in order to develop healthier habits. It covers some healthy ways you can de-stress after a week’s work, tips for making sound decisions while socialising, and suggestions for how you can enjoy yourself without going overboard. It also looks at some of the common warning signs associated with unhealthy lifestyles.

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