Creating healthier cultures: Telephonic Coaching

Telehealth coaching can help people to better manage risk factors and chronic conditions which can lead to improvements in worker productivity and reduced levels of absenteeism.

Research suggests nearly all (96%) working-age Australians have one or more of the following risk factors: smoking, risky alcohol consumption, obesity, physical inactivity, low fruit or low vegetable consumption, high blood pressure, or high blood cholesterol.

Benefits to the individual

Our health coaches can assist individuals by:  Products---Healthy-eating-consultations-&-group-fitness-classes
• creating new healthier habits through accountability
• creating a personalised health management plan in order to improve the individual’s health profile
• providing motivational support to achieve health goals
• offering support in a range of areas including diet and nutrition, physical activity, stress, sleep, smoking cessation or managing a health condition
• being available to be connected with at a time that suits the individual.

Organisation benefit

Your organisation can offer your people a personalised health coaching program regardless of where they are located. They can be coached by medical and behavioural change experts in a range of lifestyle areas. The coaching program will seek to address key health issues highlighted in your workforce and take steps to improving them. This a cost effective solution, geared to long term health change.

All about Telephonic Coaching

The programs offered covers areas of; diet and nutrition, smoking cessation, sleep management and stress and resilience. Each coaching program includes phone calls, with email follow-ups providing additional information and resources.

Within each program there are three levels of support available:
Two calls – can help employees who have a fairly good level of health and would like tips to make small changes to their lifestyle habits.
Four calls – may suit employees who have health issues that require more targeted help in making effective changes in their behaviour and lifestyle.
Six calls – for employees with high-risk health issues requiring extra support or intervention.

Additional support

The coaching program can be promoted in your organisation with co-branded materials or via any of our face to face services.

Following the service, we will provide you with a company report for >30 participants, inclusive of a health results summary and future program recommendations.

Coaching can be offered as a standalone or as a follow up to a medical screening or health education session.

Find out more

For further details on this service or to discuss your workplace health plan, get in touch with your Bupa advisor or contact us today.

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