Nutrition solutions content pack & cooking demonstrations

Looking to provide a low cost health promotion solution that can touch a large volume of your employees and is not online dependent?

The ‘Healthier Places’ nutrition pack is a great way to promote healthy behaviours in the work place. Each pack contains a variety of resources to be displayed in a high visibility area of their workplace such as the cafe or kitchen area.

Each pack contains

  • 6 different healthy eating decals
  • 2 healthy breakfast ideas A3 posters
  • 4 healthy lunch ideas A3 posters
  • 20 lunch tip booklets
  • Implementation guide

Cooking demonstration: healthy breakfasts you can make at work

Help your employees put some excitement back into the breakfast and set themselves up for the day full of energy!

Many people rush out the door in the morning, and don’t have time for breakfast until they get to work. And with just a toaster, microwave and a fridge usually, employees find themselves eating unhealthy options for breakfast five days a week, or skipping it altogether. Introduce a better strategy by organising a cooking demonstration that gives your employees practical tips on how to make nutritious, delicious breakfasts at work. Not only can it help them kick-start their metabolism and propel them into the day with renewed energy, you could be combating potential health and productivity issues!


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Sites must have a microwave for this demonstration.