Building healthier places: team step challenge

The Bupa Team Challenge is an interactive online challenge aimed at encouraging movement and activity throughout the working day and maximising employee engagement and connections.

Bupa Team Challenge is an event created to suit the needs of your workplace. You have the flexibility to choose:

  • Your branding (Company or wellness program logo and colours)
  • When you run the event (so you can integrate it with and drive visibility of your other wellness initiatives)
  • How long the challenge runs for (as short as 2 weeks, a month or up to 12 weeks)
  • Fixed or Flexible team sizes so nobody misses out
  • The option to create an animation of your CEO or program sponsor to promote the challenge

The online program uses innovative technology so each employee can personalise their experience with their own unique avatar and can plan their teams virtual challenge track, choosing to travel to Asia across the Great Wall of China or to the Rockies in Canada. A range of devices are available to purchase if required. These devices help track their steps against daily targets and complete all stages of the Challenge. To help ensure employees who are currently less-active stay engaged, there is a division for the less active and employees can also enter activities not tracked by pedometers such as water sports, gym classes and yoga.

Teams can monitor their progress against their target in real time via graphs and leader boards. All activity data entered by each employee is de-identified and collated post-event to show improvement in activity over the period of the Challenge, while before and after surveys can help demonstrate the overall impact on employee engagement, stress resilience, energy levels and other health indicators like improved nutritional intake and weight loss. 

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