Encourage supportive conversations on R U OK? Day

R U OK? Day is a reminder to reflect on our mental health, and check in with colleagues.

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illustration of speech bubbles with the question - R U OK?

Is your workplace ok – R U OK?Day

14th September is R U OK?Day, find out how you can get involved.

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Illustration of speech bubbles with wording 'hi there, r u ok?'

“R U OK?”ing 101

A guide to starting meaningful conversations with work colleagues needing extra support – minus awkward.

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Two women having a conversation at their desk at work

Tips for starting a conversation

Asking "are you okay?" isn’t always easy for individuals, here are some resources to help them.

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Woman at work anxiously checking her phone

Manager’s guide: emotional health in the workplace

Download our guide to help improve your understanding of mental health issues affected by the workplace.

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Illustration of a person wearing a yellow badge with a slimily face

Bupa prepares for mental health month

World Mental Health Day is on 10 October; see how Bupa is preparing to raise awareness with our people.

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