What is anxiety and when is it a problem

What is anxiety?

Know the difference between the two types of anxiety; everyday worry or an anxiety disorder.

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What is depression

What is depression?

Learn how depression is more than just being sad and why it affects people.

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How to support a team member with anxiety

How to support a colleague with anxiety

Some common signs you might notice if a colleague has anxiety and how to support.

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Illustration of two cups of tea to symbolise having a conversation with a colleague

Tips to support a colleague or friend who has depression

With millions of Australians living with depression, it’s good to know how you might help.

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The benefits of reaching out mental health

The benefits of reaching out

Weighing up whether to disclose a mental health issue at work and the help available.

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Supporting healthier minds

Raising awareness on World Mental Health day

See what Bupa have done to help raise awareness of mental health issues in workplaces across Australia.

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Stress buckets, healthy and unhealthy stress.

The difference between healthy and unhealthy stress

Know when stress is starting to get unhealthy, and take some positive steps towards lightening your load.

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Two young people working in office, having a coffe break

Helping a team member with stress

Signs your workmate may be under too much stress and how you can help them.

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Why care about your mental health coversaion

Why you need to care about your mental health

Every person’s state of mind can change over time depending on many factors.

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Building mental health awarness

Building your mental health awareness

How well do you know your own mind and what does it mean to be a well-being?

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Two young people working in office, having a coffe break

Supporting a colleague through a mental health crisis

The fear of saying or doing the wrong thing is a common concern, but it is more important than ever

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People in seminar with hands in the air for questions

Supporting healthier minds: Mental health and wellbeing seminars

Give your employees the skills and confidence to maintain good mental health at work and to flourish in their everyday

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