Creating Healthier Cultures At Your Work Place: Online Health Assessment

When risk factors and diseases are avoided, there is a large opportunity cost that can be saved by business, government and society.

Most employees are unaware of their current health status, and cannot therefore manage their health in an appropriate manner. To encourage positive change, education and awareness are the first steps.

Individuals can benefit from the program

Our Online Health Assessment provides an in-depth survey of a person’s current state of health so that they can:

Organisation benefit

You will be able to see the current state of health in relation to benchmarks. These insights will help you develop a workplace health program that is tailored to the health needs and risks of your company. This assessment can be a cost-effective way to reach large geographically dispersed workforce’s and is also a tool for evaluating your program annually. This will allow a path to better emotional health in the work place.

This solution is a good example

It will only take 10 to 15 minutes. The campaign usually lasts 2-8 weeks. Only online access is available.

Additional Support

Co-branded material can be used to promote the OHA in your organization.

To help with reporting, you can add three additional questions that are specific to your organization to the beginning of the survey (e.g. Business Unit, Location of Office, Role, or Tenure. All other questions will be standard. After the service we will send you a report on your company for >30 participants. This includes a summary of results and recommendations for future programs.

You can enter the results of your most recent health check into your online assessment for workplace stress in the workplace. We recommend that you schedule face-to-face health checks in conjunction with your online campaign.

Creating healthier cultures Online Health Assessment

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