What is anxiety and when is it a problem

What is anxiety?

Know the difference between the two types of anxiety; everyday worry or an anxiety disorder.

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What is depression

What is depression?

Learn how depression is more than just being sad and why it affects people.

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How to support a team member with anxiety

How to support a colleague with anxiety

Some common signs you might notice if a colleague has anxiety and how to support.

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The benefits of reaching out mental health

The benefits of reaching out

Weighing up whether to disclose a mental health issue at work and the help available.

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Stress buckets, healthy and unhealthy stress.

The difference between healthy and unhealthy stress

Know when stress is starting to get unhealthy, and take some positive steps towards lightening your load.

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Reduce stress by preparing your team for change

Reducing stress by preparing your team for change

Some feelings created as a result of change, if left unaddressed, may increase the levels of stress felt by your

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Two young people working in office, having a coffe break

Helping a team member with stress

Signs your workmate may be under too much stress and how you can help them.

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Signs that stress may be a problem

Nine signs that may indicate an individual is stressed and may need help.

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Illustration of a mobile phone disguised as a detox drink

Five ways to help implement a digital detox

Switching off can help you sleep better, respond better to stress, and improve your overall wellbeing.

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Woman taking time to lean back on chair, close her eyes and relax

Mindful you

A look at mindfulness and how it may help to improve your daily life.

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Illustration of phone handcuffed to wrist

Technology overload and the link to depression

Could technology be impacting the mental health of your people? Here’s why a digital detox could help.

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Stress less for your mental wellbeing

Tips to help cope with stress, particularly when it’s getting the better of you.

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