5 Simple ways to help improve workplace culture

A thriving culture is at the heart of many organisations. However, Dr Tim Sharp, a psychologist says that “Change doesn’t come easily; it isn’t smooth; and probably won’t occur overnight.” How can you create a culture that is thriving?

Positive psychologist Dr Tim Sharp explains that a positive, healthy culture is much more than a good feeling in the office. It requires constant monitoring by key leaders, workplace wellness programs and health strategies to improve your employees’ health, as well as a level accountability.

If you think your workplace culture could use a little boost, here are five tips to improve it.

Flexible work practices5 Simple ways to help improve workplace culture

The buzzword of the moment is flexible working. While many businesses are in favor of flexible working, they’re unsure how to implement it. Flexible working used to be associated with late start or early finish times for personal reasons, but it is now more about how we use our time and work throughout the day. Consider whether encouraging employees for short periods to work online or remotely could boost productivity and focus. Open-plan workstations encourage more collaboration and social interaction. Schedule standing or walking meetings to maintain energy.

Show your gratitude and appreciation

If an employee produces good work, they are usually rewarded with a “good-job” or a pat on the back. Or, perhaps, their achievements go unnoticed. Employees can become demotivated if they don’t receive recognition. It’s important to be thoughtful and personal when you say thank-you. Tell them what they do well and why you appreciate it. Do not forget to express your sincere gratitude.

Embrace openness

Being honest, encouraging transparency, and being open to and encouraging your employees’ ideas, opinions and solutions, without judgement, is one of the most powerful ways you can improve your culture. Encourage regular communication and collaboration. You can also encourage constructive criticism from people who don’t usually work for you. Share your team’s successes and failures to make them feel more involved.

Celebrate Success

You can easily forget the wonderful work you just completed because you are already halfway through your next project. It is important to celebrate your efforts and those of your employees for a job well-done. You should celebrate small victories, whether it’s closing a sale or exceeding expectations. Celebrate by mentioning them in a meeting or sending a note of congratulations. You could also organise a team trip.

How to Prevent “The Burnout”.

Employee burnout can be caused by a variety of factors, including unreasonable demands on employees, insufficient resources and a lack of social support. This can lead to a toxic culture within the company. Your employees will be happier and more motivated when they have a balanced life that includes work and other activities. Consider implementing a series lunchtime meditation workshops to improve concentration and focus later in the day.

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